Our Leadership


Chief Executive Officer: 

Mr. Ken Nyakundi Mogaka.

The Company Chief Executive Officer holds a degree in Bachelor of Information Science from Indiana State University (USA) and is a marketing Professional with over 20 years of both local and international experience gained in various establishments. He has extensive training and experience in distributorship operations and management and has served as Managing Director in the Ouru Companies for over 20 Years. He has been honoured by different companies for his distinguished performance







Mrs. Lucy M. Mogaka.

The Operations Director has had vast experience in Customer liaisons, strategic planning and logistics. She has served Ouru in various operational capacities for over 16 Years. She holds a degree in Bachelor of Commerce.




Line Management

Our Management approach is proactive where problems are handled methodically and solved promptly. This involves interactive forums: regular meetings with customers by senior management, hands on operation management assisted by management systems, suggestion box, a dedicated team of line Managers and Corporate account Managers who visit all our customers regularly and report back to management so that appropriate action can be taken. The well being of our staff is also crucial to our operations.