The Company Practices the following personnel policies;

  1. Equal Opportunities Human Resource Policy.
  1. Promotion and Reward on Merit.
  2. Ethical and legal Personnel Policies.
  3. Strict Adherence to Government Policy on Wages and terms of Service.
  4. Staff development Policy through training.



All employees are thoroughly vetted and screened whereby professionalism and experience is strictly adhered to.



The Four C’S model for evaluating Human Resource is keenly observed (Four C’s model: competence, commitment, congruence –trust and common purpose between managers and employees and cost effectiveness).


Ouru Super stores Ltd recognises motivation as the key to optimum performance, retention of staff and creation of a happy, healthy and responsible work force. At Ouru Super Stores motivation must supersede and surpass financial gain. Our staff must feel valued, appreciated, looked after and have adequate reward for their sacrifice and effort. At the core of our motivation are the following factors:

Career Advancement:

Our policy is to provide all our Employees with an equal opportunity to advance their careers to the apex of their ability based on available opportunities. Staff members are encouraged to take up part time studies in the fields of their choice.