About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Ouru Super Stores Ltd was incorporated in the Republic of Kenya on 8th April 2004, with a sales revenue of around 2 billion million as per the audited annual & financial reports of Year 2004.

This company was essentially an offshoot of Ouru Discount Center Ltd.

Ouru Discount Center Ltd as the mother company, also incorporated in the Republic of Kenya, was founded in 1991 by, among others, the MD of Ouru Superstores Ltd, Mr Ken N. Mogaka. The mother company, upon incorporation, commenced wholesale and retail business in down town Kisii in 1991.

Upon formation then in 2004, Ouru Super Stores limited has grown by leaps and bounds wherein our core business area is the wholesale and distribution of Consumer Goods and General Hardware materials from leading manufacturers in Kenya.

Our catchment area is mainly in the South-western parts of Kenya, covering, but not limited to, the counties of Kisii, Nyamira, Migori, Homa-Bay and Bomet.

In the growth of Ouru Superstores Ltd, diversification has come in the form of investments in real estate. It was in view of this that a subsidiary company named Ouru RealtorsLtd was formed. The latter company is mandated to oversee the operations of the real estate arm of investments.



Physical Address

Ouru Superstores Ltd has her offices located in Ouru Complex Building, Upper Ground Flr, Moi Avenue, Kisii Town.

This address is ideal for ease of access by our clients and other guests. The back lane thereof provides ample space for loading and off-loading of merchandise.






Our Vision

To become the leading distributor of consumer goods and general hardware in South-western Kenya, offering superior and outstanding value at lowest of prices.


Our Mission

To consistently deliver on time, quality products to our customers and at the same time enabling them sustain a competitive edge in their localities.


Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Innovativeness
  • Professionalism
  • Dynamism
  • Trust
  • Teamwork
  • Mutual respect
  • Focus
  • Results oriented
  • Social responsibility


We have an elaborate customer care blue print which enables us to consolidate all our efforts towards prime customer care.

  • When a customer first comes to our premises, we seek to establish which products they need from our wide range.




  • We then give the customer an indication of the items available and possible quantity discounts available on various lines of products. At the same point, we seek to know if the customer would like to carry the merchandise by use of own means or would prefer our company to deliver.
  • Upon acceptance by the customer, we proceed to process the customer order and the customer is prompted to pay for the items ordered.
  • We next proceed to dispatch the merchandise across the counter in case of own carriage. If company delivery was preferred, thecustomer shall leave for their localities to await delivery of merchandise.







  • Especially for company delivery customers, we keep them informed as to the progress and date of merchandise delivery. That aspect is very crucial to our customers for purposes of preparedness in terms of storage space and requisite labour in off-loading.
  • Our customers are encouraged to call our established customer care desk at any stage: before, during or even after delivery of merchandise. This avenue enables our customers to raise any issues regarding the initial order they placed and the merchandise actually delivered.
  • We have a fleet of trucks in various carrying capacities to suit all levels of customer orders.





  1. Whilst our shop is open from Monday to Saturday from 7:30am to 5pm, excepting Saturdays when we close shop doors at 1pm, our merchandise delivery team does often work outside the marked working hours. Indeed, a lot of merchandise deliveries do occur on Sundays. That is how far we are willing to go in order to serve our customers.
  2. We operate an open door policy which enables us to interact with our customers and we are open to suggestions which may lead to an improved customer service.
  3. On pre-approved cases, the company is cutting down on the risky and time consuming cash-handling transactions by allowing customers to pay for their merchandise vide cheques or direct banking into the company’s bank accounts.


Business Concept:

Our core business revolves around the determination of the need of consumer goods by the wholesalers and retailers in our catchment area of South-western Kenya region and identification of suitable manufacturers to supply such goods which meet those needs. We then bridge the gap between the manufacturers and wholesalers or retailers by stocking and or supplying them with the requisite products. Ouru Super Stores Ltd represents carefully selected manufacturers whose goods and services meet or surpass international consumer goods standards both in health and safety, design, environmental considerations and due care for consumer wellbeing. Apart from supplying goods to our customers, we also offer them transportation services to ensure fast and efficient delivery of their merchandise.

Social Aspiration

Ouru Superstores Ltd has in its focus the aspect of social responsibility. This emanates from our desire to benefit the community and the environment that we operate in, through active contribution to enrich the lives of our people and win integrity. In the course of time, we have engaged in several initiatives to fulfil our commitment to good corporate citizenship through:

  • Supporting the Education of well performing students from needy backgrounds.
  • Supporting agricultural growth – through the distribution of quality seeds and fertilizer.
  • Contributing to Orphanage homes.


Current Situation:

Since its inception in 2004, Ouru Superstores Ltd has experienced exponential and steady growth to become the leading distributor of consumer goods & General Hardware in South-western Kenya. We pride in a strong capital base that includes ownership of a fleet of over fifty HGVs in active service, three commercial buildings in the CBD of Kisii Town














and employ a staff of over 500 men and women, in the capacities of full time and casual employment, serving up to over 5000 wholesalers in the region.




The key manufacturers that we represent on distributorship include, but not limited to:

  • Bamburi Cement Ltd
  • Mabati Rolling Mills Ltd
  • South Nyanza Sugar Ltd
  • Unga LTD
  • Pwani Oil Products Ltd
  • Mumias Sugar Company Ltd
  • Pembe Flour Mills Ltd
  • Athi River Mining
  • Transmara Sugar Company Ltd
  • Kenya Tea Packers Ltd
  • Mombasa Maize Millers Ltd

Key Success Factors

The success of our business is largely a result of superior products and high standards of customer service, extra attention to detail throughout our operation, appropriate pricing, heavy investment in qualified personnel and our vast experience in the industry.

Ouru has experienced tremendous growth in the past several years. Company turnover in 2004 was 1.1 billion. By 2012 turnover had reached 5.2 billion, The growth seen over the years has not come easy, but through hard work and dedication of all staff members and by the support of our business partners listed above, the commercial banks, among others.