Sales and Marketing Strategy

Sales and Marketing Strategy


Quality customer service is the basic principle for Ouru Super Stores Ltd. Service delivery improvement is the job of every sales & marketing team as well as the entire staff.

Ouru Super Stores Ltd. boasts a market share of approximately 60% in this region of Kenya, but projects to increase that share to over 70% by end of 2016.

Ouru Superstores Ltd. Sales and Marketing strategy primarily aims at getting more customers to buy our products and services by offering to them Superior Quality Products and Outstanding Value at lowest Prices.

Our sales and marketing statements below define our objectives:


 Sales Objective Statement:

Our Sales and Marketing objective is primarily aimed at increasing our sales from Kshs5.2billion in 2012 to Kshs8.5 billion in 2018

We project to increase our current market share from 60% to 70% in 2018

 Target Markets:

The primary target market for our effort shall be on the major wholesalers and sub-distributors within our catchment area.

 Mission Statement:

A major role of our marketing effort is to project our image as;Offering Superior quality products and Outstanding Value At Best Prices from leading Manufacturers thereby meeting and Surpassing Customer Expectations’

 Consistent Mission Statement

We will closely integrate all our marketing and sales efforts to project a consistent image of our company and a consistent positioning of our products and services. The image we will present is; affordability, VALUE FOR MONEY & high standard CUSTOMER service in our sales approach.

We emphasise this image in our advertising and marketing materials.

 How we intend to increase our sales from Ksh.5.2 billion to 8.5 billion plus.

 The marketing programs we will direct towards achieving that target are:

  • Offering best personalised services. Our services will include manufacturer-to-door deliveries and after sales services. This will involve obtaining more trucks to supply goods to more retailers and wholesalers.

  • We will undertake marketing intelligence surveys to enable us to offer distinct pricing advantages. In order to offer better pricing we will need to purchase in larger quantities from our suppliers to benefit from the economies of scale. Increased purchasing will mean more financial outlay.

  • In store promotions -We shall mobilise marketing operatives in major stores in our territory to promote various products and increase consumer awareness and demand.

  • Offering specialised products and services that have proven customer preferences. We intend to identify more competitive products from other manufacturers whose goods resonate with the local market. Such opportunities exist with manufacturers such as Mabati Rolling Mills Ltd and Pwani Oil Products Ltd.

  • Product proliferation. We plan to build a broader line of products to meet the full range of our customer needs. The market trend is towards ‘one stop shopping’ where everything is availed under one roof.

  • Superior customer service is at the core of our strategy. We plan to hire more customer service representatives and empower them to visit wholesalers and retailers to identify and offer after sales service to them.

  • We plan to increase our Sales & Marketing force by recruiting higher calibre staff and offering them incentives to identify new markets and expand existing ones.

  • We plan to undertake increased advertising via vernacular radio stations in our target market areas

  • T.V adverts.